Viridian Energy Australia Launch – Should you Join?

Viridian Energy Review

Viridian Energy is one of the leading providers of affordable and responsible energy across the United States. Since 2009, the company has helped its customers avoid more than seven billion pounds of Carbon Dioxide emissions with their eco-friendly energy products. Viridian now offers energy products that are more than 50 percent renewable, including solar power to a wide range of customers across the country. This article will give you a comprehensive review of the company to help you determine whether you should join.

About Viridian Energy: Why Consider Renewable Energy?

Viridian Energy CSO Cami Boehme said people know how critical strong renewable energy products are to encourage sustainability. The company, Boehme said, maintains its vision to change the way individuals buy and use energy. This will help eco-minded people, particularly entrepreneurs, the opportunity to build successful businesses while helping the planet.

The company makes itself known as a socially-responsible brand that connects with customers through its Independent Viridian Associates. They commit to community action, sustainability, and global initiatives. The company makes its dreams possible by offering affordable energy that is highly renewable, residential solar power, and natural gas with carbon offsets to customers throughout the country.

Viridian Energy is under Crius Energy. This parent company comprises best-in-class brands that offer high-quality energy products like TriEagle Energy, Cincinnati Bell Energy, Comcast Energy Rewards, FairPoint Energy, Citra Solar, and Public Power.

In February 2016, Viridian announced its move to expand its network of more than 22,000 associates to the eco-minded entrepreneurs in Australia. The company initially focused on making its Independent Associate base grow in the country. It eventually decided to start offering its products to over six million Australian households in the second quarter of the year. The company said it was thrilled to introduce a unique opportunity to more than 400,000 network marketing individuals in the country.

Viridian Energy Business Opportunity

Independent Viridian Associates will succeed when they carefully decide how much work they want to do. The company provides all the necessary training, support, and tools for associates to build a rewarding business that focuses on helping others consider eco-friendly energy options. All associates must adhere to the code of ethics presented by the Direct Selling Association.

There are three packages being offered to associates:

  • Simply Right is a carbon offset plan that gives you two options to choose from: pay 25 percent for your energy with carbon offsets or have everything go through it. If you want the more eco-friendly move, then go for the maximum.
  • Everyday Green offers two options, as well: choose 50 percent renewable energy or go for 100 percent. The choice is up to you, but going for 100 percent is always the most ideal choice.
  • Clean and Simple Solar is the most expensive plan, yet the coolest. You can now use solar power on your home to save on electricity costs while saving the planet.

The prices will vary from state to state. You can check the prices through the company’s website. The best way to know which plan suits you is to determine which is the most feasible. The company’s multi-level marketing nature involves varying fee levels, from $199 to as high as $399. The price will also depend on whether you want to become a distributor on one state or all.

Like any business, it is best to not limit yourself to your preferred state, especially if you plan to build a team and/or sell your products online. The investment could cost you around $600 per year, and maintaining the business will further cost you a monthly fee. If you want to earn a decent income through Viridian Energy, then you will have to enroll a lot of distributors and sell as many products as you can – just like any other MLM business.

Is Viridian Energy a Scam?

Many people think that Viridian Energy is a scam and you may have heard it referenced as the Viridian Energy Pyramid Scheme. The company is a legit networking company that focuses on providing eco-friendly energy products. It allows you to earn money while helping the planet at the same time. If you want to earn money while helping people become aware of their energy consumption, then yes, you should consider joining Viridian Energy Australia. It is a legit company that offers people eco-friendly energy products and unique business opportunities.

There have been a few reports about the company’s moves that make them appear like a scam, but it has helped plenty of people succeed financially through its compensation plans. The best thing to do before signing up with Viridian Energy, or any networking company, is to always read the fine print to avoid inconvenience in the future. Like any network marketing businesses, you will only succeed as a Viridian associate by recruiting plenty of people into the business and sell as many energy products as you can. The efforts are well worth it.

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