Usana Review: Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

Usana Australia

Multi level marketing companies like Usana are gaining ground in Australia quickly. To the casual observer, opportunities like these seem great since you do not need to come up with or develop your own product to sell, which can be a hassle and the bane of many an aspiring entrepreneur. It is natural to wonder about Usana and similar opportunities, and wanting to find out if this kind of thing could change one’s life. The offer looks tempting enough.

Do not jump in without doing any due diligence though. There is a reason why multi level marketing companies do not always have the best reputation. When diving head first into a multi level marketing career, finding an honest company that pays well and cares about its distributors can be difficult. A big number of businesses that use the model have received a bad reputation because so many startups will take advantage of buyers and sellers. When new companies pop up and disappear with money, even the legitimate operations suffer. Usana does its best to radiate positivity and a human purpose. Are they just another network marketing scam or are they the real deal?

Usana Review

Most doctors have a heart dedicated the ridding the world of illness, disease, and creating healthier lives. Dr. Myron Wentz, the man behind Usana, relates most health problems to lack of nutrition. Before launching his products in 1992, Wentz was a disease specialist for three hospitals. He left because he wanted to change the world in different ways, through Usana.

Usana Products

Usana’s products are incredibly diverse. They offer vitamins, antioxidants, and several nutrition boosting minerals. Because Dr. Wentz is so adamant about improving health in every way though, they also created protein shakes, meal replacements, skin products, and even shampoo! It sounds great but the products carry a VERY large price tag. Usana knows this though so they give their distributors a custom opportunity to earn a living. Sounds great, but it surely pays researching more to really get to know some of the positive and negative aspects of what this company is offering.

Usana Pros

  • Their custom compensation plan allows distributors to create their own price and control how much money they will earn on each sale.
  • Group leaders have the opportunity to earn up to 20% of the commission that their team accumulates.
  • They are currently paying out over $1,500,000 AUD every quarter.
  • They allow the sale of their products online and through venues that other MLM companies don’t traditionally restrict.
  • Their research team is constantly looking for new innovative products that only result in endless business.

Usana Cons

  • They don’t provide the usual marketing tools to distributors.
  • They expect independent business owners to represent themselves and acquire the skills needed to succeed instead of teaching.
  • It is VERY expensive to start up and the price is ultimately decided by the referring party.
  • Products are very expensive and eliminate a large portion of the target market making it more difficult to find satisfied buyers.
  • Similar products can be found cheaper.

There is a lot of good that can be found in the Usana compensation plan. Essentially you make what you are worth to the buyer. The products they promote are fantastic and innovative but come with a price tag most people will laugh at. Like most networking opportunities, the big bucks lay in recruiting and it can definitely be difficult to recruiter a team when they view the suggested retail prices. It makes it obvious, too, who the real winner is in this particular setup. Usana themselves do not have to lift a finger to expand their distributor base, and the sales will keep on coming in even if it is only new distributors buying their packages. This, however, is how all of the multi level marketing businesses work, so for confident sales people who like the product, it is a good opportunity.

Usana Pyramid Scheme Warning

Is Usana a scam? No. Is there a lot of money to be made? Maybe. Usana can often be referred to as the Usana pyramid scheme. True, success does seem to follow those people that have a salesperson mentality, but this does not mean that it’s an illegal pyramid scheme. They do not teach distributors to become great sales people though, so weight this up before you get started. The product is definitely valuable but it will cost a pretty penny to join the Usana team. Motivated, sales driven individuals will find this opportunity challenging and the rewards tremendous.

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