superior products that improves its customer’s heath

Total Life Changes Review

Total Life Changes is a company that has a continuous commitment to provide superior products that improves its customer’s heath while giving them a chance to earn through their lucrative compensation plan. They mainly promote skin and health products.

Total Life Changes Review

The company began in 1999 in Cheserfield, Michigan US and has recently opened their head office in Fontana California in 2014. In 2010, a great change in the company took place when Armand Puyolt became the president. His dedication and expertise in MLM helped a lot in the success of Total Life Changes.

The company’s line is continuously growing to accommodate the growing demand in health and wellness products of the people of today. They have offices in eight countries where their members are thriving with the success of their business. Their culturally-diverse customer support team is very dynamic and trained well to become knowledgeable leaders of their teams. This is one of their formulas for making a lasting relationship with their members and customers.

Total Life Changes Products

They have three types of products in the market today:

1. Nutritional Products – Their forerunner for this type of product is their Iaso™ Tea which contains a mixture of 9 all-natural herbs to produce a refreshing and amazing “miracle” drink. The other products are Resolution, Iaso™ Chaga, Iaso™ Techui, Iaso™ NRG, Iaso™ Nutraburst and Iaso™ Gano.

2. Skin Care Products – These are innovative crèmes and serums that promises to transform and make the user appear like a Hollywood Star in as little as 30 days. Look and feel younger as your skin radiates a healthy glow! Their skin care line includes: Infinity Timeless™, Iaso™ Ojos, Iaso™ Luna, Iaso™ Sol, Iaso™ Oil, Iaso™ Exfolia, Iaso™ Pomica, Iaso™ Renique, Iaso™ DUO Prep & Peel, Iaso™ Gladiator, SLimR Thermogenic Complex, 3D Fiber Lashes

Total Life Changes Iaso Tea

3. Iaso Café – With continuous use, you can expect to look younger and slimmer. Replace your daily coffee with Iaso Café with this gourmet instant coffee to help with weight loss. Other preparations of their Iaso™ Café includes: Iaso™ Café Black, Iaso™ Café Delgada, Iaso™ Café Cappuccino, Iaso™ Café Chocolate, and Iaso™ Café latin Style.

Their Iaso™ tea guarantees to cleanse a persons digestive track with the 9 essential herbs blended to create their one of a kind beverage. The company reveals that the digestive track is filled with harmful toxins, bacterias and parasites that causes imbalance in the body’s system. When Iaso™ tea is taken, the body is cleansed from these harmful cargo and becomes stable once more.

The tea also touts about its weight loss benefits. As it cleanses the digestive tract of the harmful substances, it also optimizes digestion which allows the body to extract nutrients from food efficiently and pass waste.

One important feature of their mlm opportunity is their compensation plan whichgives their distributor a 50% retail commission without any waiting time. They also employed a hybrid binary compensation plan that rewards 30% commission. Surprisingly, this figure is very high compared to other MLM compensations in the industry today, normally network marketing companies give only 5-20%. This may raise eyebrows since it sounds too good to be true. To acquire this commission, the distributor must balance both his legs to maximize their earnings.

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Total Life Changes Compensation Plan

Here are the 6 “generous” ways that the company compensates their distributors

  1. Retail Sales
  2. Residual Income
  3. Fast Start Bonus
  4. Check Matching
  5. Power Leg Pay Out
  6. Free Car

So is Total Life Changes a scam? People often have a kneejerk distrust of MLM companies who promise higher than normal compensation and that is understandable since this is the most common warning signs of scams. But with a long history of success in the industry and supported by an amazing product, Total Life Changes is far from a scam.

Total Life Changes Australia Scam

As of the time of publishing this article, Total Life Changes or TLC as it is often called, is not officially opened. There may be active distributors however and of course the person who introduced you to the opportunity will have more information for you.

Is Total LIfe Changes a Scam? Well, no. It’s not been proven to be a scam so there’s no reason for you to believe that Total Life Changes is a pyramid scheme or scam.

Take time to study their product and system to avoid failure. More often than not, failure stems not from the company, but from the network marketer themselves. Being excited and zealous about the product may play a vital role in recruiting or getting a customer, but skill is also an important factor in getting the message across effectively and efficiently. As a distributor, one must view himself not just as marketer of the product, but as a “professional” who is credible about the product. Committing to one’s personal development is vital and will make a big difference whether an MLM distributor is geared towards success or failure.

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