Top 20 Home Business Ideas for Australians

Today it’s easier than it ever has been to start your own home based business, which is probably why almost 1 in 10 Australians are already doing it.

Why start a business from home?

There are many reasons to start a business from home. Here are some of the biggest advantages to a home based business:

  • You can work business time around your family commitments
  • You can choose what hours you work
  • The challenge of starting your own business can be thrilling
  • If you get good at what you do you can earn more than you would at any regular job

Intrigued? We’ve compiled a list of excellent home-based business ideas for you!

Top Home Based Business Ideas 2015

  1. Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is when you make money by introducing customers to a specific product or line of products. This can be done either through a website or via email, and there are many different online courses to help you learn how to do it.
  2. Blogging – Blogging is simply the act of publishing your thoughts on a blog platform. You can choose to focus on event/product reviews or choose to instead focus on a different subject and build a community around your blog. If you’re doing the latter, once you build a community you can monetize by selling ad space on your blog and doing sponsored posts relevant to your community.
  3. SEO & Social Media Consulting – Social media is a constantly expanding field and there are now a wide range of training programs you can take to learn about social media marketing. Search Engine Optimization—helping websites rank well on Google—is also a booming industry, and more training courses appear every month. The best ones are often run by experienced professionals who ran some of the first SEO or social media marketing companies.
  4. Bookkeeping – Do you have a head for numbers? Many small businesses employ part-time bookkeepers who work from home. You can get certified in a few short weeks, build a website and start a business.
  5. Personal Trainer – Depending on the program, you can become a certified personal trainer in as little as 8 weeks. This job gives you lots of options, from having clients train into your home to training in the nearest park or recreational center.
  6. Massage Therapist – You can pick up your massage therapy certification quickly and start your home based massage business for less than $1000. Better still, even beginning massage therapists can charge $60/hour or more. If you enjoy it, you might soon realize you want it to be your primary income!
  7. Make & Sell Goods – Do you have a creative mind? If you can sculpt, paint, sew, knit, weave or create just about anything you can sell it online and/or at local events.
  8. Selling Goods at Markets & Fairs – If you live in a city there are probably dozens of markets, fetes, fairs and festivals happening near you. You can purchase products in bulk online for a low price and re-sell them at these events with a large mark up. Many smaller events only charge $20 for a table and even the bigger events rarely charge more than $100. Some of these events draw thousands of people, so you can make quite a lot of money if you choose the right products to re-sell.
  9. Party Planner – If you know the best catering and décor companies in your city and a couple of skilled musicians you can become an excellent party planner—or you can take a short cut and partner with a party-planning company like Tupperware or Thermomix. Either way, if you focus on a mix of birthday parties and corporate events you can make a lot of money as a party planner.
  10. Network Marketing/MLM – To start this form of business you become a Representative or Distributor for a company. Like in affiliate marketing, you get money every time you sell their product, but in Network Marketing you also get to recruit new Representatives/Distributors for the company—and you earn money every time you do it.
  11. Purchase an eCommerce Business – Don’t want all the pressure of building a business from scratch? Offer to buy a small eCommerce company that sells products you believe in. This takes quite a bit of initial financial outlay, but you can make the returns quickly if you choose a rock-solid business.
  12. Photographer – If you already love photography and you’re fascinated by the latest professional gear you should consider turning photography into a side business. You can turn a room of your house into a professional photography studio, do photo shoots in your backyard or do photography at weddings and events. Once you’ve refined your skills and created an excellent portfolio you can often charge over $50 an hour.
  13. Website Designer – Reaching the point where you build insane websites for massive companies might take a long time, but these days there are many web design courses that take a few weeks or months to complete. Many business owners struggle with the online side of their business, and you can start building small-scale websites for businesses within a few months.
  14. Graphic Designer – Know a thing or two about Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign? Want to learn more? You can go to university for graphic design, or you can teach yourself with online tutorials and build a portfolio on your own to get clients. Once you’ve built up an excellent portfolio and great skill you can charge quite a lot of money for this service.
  15. Proofreader – Are you a grammar nerd? Does spelling come naturally to you? There are always people in need of proofreaders, whether they’re online magazines, business websites or university students with great ideas but a lack of grammar skills. Everybody knows you have to do more than use Spell Check to make your work great, so this kind of work is always available.
  16. Online Tutor – Have you been a professional teacher at any point in your career? Skype and other, similar technology now makes it easy for you to teach entirely online. Put an ad out in the paper with the subjects you want to help students with and start teaching from the comfort of your own home. If you’re really great at creating amazing lesson plans and you have a decent video camera you can also create video courses to sell online.
  17. Ebay Reseller – Do you feel the need to stop at every local garage sale? If you have a great eye for finding the most amazing piece at every garage sale, you can make a lot of money reselling things on Ebay. You can also take advantage of clearance sales at local shops to make a profit on Ebay—and don’t forget about all those things you don’t really need that are lying around the house!
  18. Computer Programmer – If you’re a programmer by day, you can easily start making money on the side by selling your services through your own website. If you have knowledge of three or more programming languages you can find yourself in quite high demand. This is one of the side jobs on the list that is most likely to actually be able to replace your full time job at some point in the future.
  19. Tax Advisor – Most people and small business owners don’t enjoy filing their tax returns and many don’t have the time to do it properly. If you’re good with numbers and you don’t think filing tax returns sounds like the most boring job you can possibly imagine, this can be an excellent home based business. If you focus on working with small business owners and freelancers or establish a high level of skill you can even charge quite a lot for these services.
  20. Yoga Instructor – It’s quite easy to get your certification for yoga training and set up your business for less than $1000. Since people expect to bring their own materials—yoga mat, drinks, comfortable outfit—to a yoga class, if you’re willing to hold lessons in your home this can be an extremely low-cost business to run out of your home. If you have a big enough space to hold both one on one lessons and group lessons you can make quite a bit of money, and when the weather is nice you can even hold lessons in the park!

There are many different ways to make money from home and each comes with its own pros and cons. If you’re thinking about taking any kind of course you have to pay for to start your online business, make sure you do the appropriate research so you know whether or not you’ll actually enjoy running the business long enough to make your money back. If you choose the right online business you might even find yourself working from home full time in the near future!

About the Author Julie Aish

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