Plexus Slim Review: Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

Plexus Slim Australia

Plexus Slim is a well known network marketing company that has been making strides in Australia as of late. Their opportunity looks great on the outside, but one should be careful to jump in right away.

Plexus Slim Review

There is A TON of scrutiny surrounding network marketing companies, and it is a good thing too. Do they really pay? If their products are so great, why are they not promoted in stores? If people really CAN make a great living spreading the word, how come there are so many bad reviews? These are great questions that need to be answered before enlisting as a distributor. Plexus Slim understands that and makes it easy for prospective business partners to find what they are looking for. Does that make them legitimate or is it part of a pocket reaching ploy?

What Plexus Slim Do?

There is no doubt that Plexus Slim is popular. That does not necessarily mean that they are a great fit for independent business owners. They receive over 200,000 visitors to their website a month and are selling even more than that many units every year. So do most companies in the wellness industry though. So what makes their products stand out?

Plexus Slim Products

Plexus Slim offers the kind of products that appeal to multiple markets. Their on the go protein shakes grasps the attention of muscle builders and fitness fiends while simultaneously attracting people with certain health issues. The minerals and nutrients added in each of their products are made to heal and promote the strengthening of vital body systems. They offer a ‘slimming’ version of the shake and body cream that accomplishes the same. So far, it looks like a product seen before, and it might be difficult to stand out from the thousands of similar products available on the Australian market today.

To learn more about Plexus Slim and their products, digging deeper is the way to go. Great products can act as a mask for the business opportunity of distributors. Hearing from current and past distributors will clear things up. Here are some of the good and bad that Plexus Slim independents have shared.

Plexus Slim Pros

  • The company is fairly new to the industry (2011) giving the opportunity to jump into a fast paced and quickly growing business.
  • The world is quickly becoming more health conscious and Plexus Slim has found away to appeal to everyone.
  • The management team is very hands on and does all that they can to ensure a distributor’s success.
  • Most independent business owners have seen a VERY quick return on their investment and start seeing residual income from early stages.
  • The compensation plan can deliver up to 25% of total sales.

Plexus Slim Cons

  • The products they offer are not FDA approved in the United States. In Australia, they are followed with interest by the Department of Primary Industry. They are not illegal though..
  • Their compensation plan seems to be geared towards the ‘high level’ recruiter. Meaning that exponential growth does not occur until team has reached a dramatic volume.
  • The average person sponsors less than two people. So either they do not believe in the product or somewhere distributor’s are giving up.
  • Commission is not earned until a required sales goal is met.
  • The largest portion of a distributor’s income is generated from referral packages that start at $250 AUD.

It is a bit tricky, but Plexus Slim pushes particular packages on their distributors. When teams are not selling those packages, compensation drops drastically. Like a lot of multi level marketing companies, the real money does not come without investing  a lot of time and energy into the business. This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind. Without the energy, passion for the product, and drive to succeed one might easily fall on their back trying to make this work.

Plexus Slim Scam

Is it a scam? No. Is it the best MLM option out there? No, but it is up there. Network marketing companies are never flawless and are always weighted benefit management. Plexus Slim does a great job finding a balance between the two by providing quality at a decent price so that distributor’s can earn decent money recruiting. There are a lot of bad reviews on Plexus Slim, but looking closely, they mostly come from competitors. The company offers quality that generates its own recruiters so that early distributors can reap the benefits of residual income.

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