Onecoin Review – Is Onecoin Just a Scam, Bitcoin Rip Off?

An emerging crypto currency system competing against Bitcoin is OneCoin. This company, established by Dr. Ruja Ignatova, seeks to make OneCoin a digital payment system recognized all over the world. Using network marketing, the company is expanding the market of OneCoin which has made it grow impressively since it was founded in 2014. OneCoin’s market is mainly in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Many investors are now profiting from the steady growth of this company although a number of people are also criticizing its ability to earn money as a multi-level marketing business. Here’s what you need to know about the company so you can judge for yourself.

is onecoin a scam

Product Offering and How To Join

To become a member of OneCoin, you need to be invited to join by another member. You then use your email address to register for your OneCoin account. Once you’re officially a member, you have to purchase a package from their OneAcademy Online Education program. These packages all include a certain number of tokens which you can convert to coins, plus educational materials. Take note that the package prices increase over time as the value of the coins and the company also increases. Here are their current packages:

1. The Rookie package is their only free package and comes with an ebook copy of the popular book “The Richest Man in Babylon.”

2. The Starter package costs 110 Euros and gives you 1,000 tokens.

3. The Trader package is priced at 550 Euros and offers 5,000 tokens.

4. The Pro Trader package provides 10,000 tokens for 1,100 Euros.

5. For the Executive Trader package, you will need to pay 3,300 Euros to get 30,000 tokens.

6. At 5,500 Euros, you can purchase the Tycoon Trader package to receive 60,000 tokens.

7. Higher up on the ladder is the Tycoon + Trader package which gives you 81,818 tokens for 7,500 Euros.

8. The Premium Trader package will cost you 13,750 Euros for 150,000 tokens.

9. Their best package is the Infinity Trader, priced at 27,500 Euros for 300,000 tokens.

How do you earn money?

Making money using this system involves two methods. You can get other people to join and be a part of your sales team at the OneLife Network. You will be given training and any information you need to successfully promote and sell the products. The other method is by focusing on trading which means buying and selling your tokens to change them to OneCoins.

OneCoin’s online academy provides numerous educational videos and lessons focused on financial literacy. You enhance your financial education and learn to analyse and trade as well. To convert the tokens you’ve bought with your package into OneCoins, they will need to undergo the OneCoin mining process. You have several options to achieving this. You can directly trade and sell the tokens at the One Exchange platform. Another alternative is to hold on to the tokens to allow them to split or double after which they can be sold at a higher rate.


Similar to BitCoin, you can earn more money through OneCoin the earlier you invest. As the market value of OneCoin gradually increases, you get to trade your tokens or coins at higher rates, giving you more profit. What sets OneCoin apart from BitCoin is that in the meantime while you’re waiting for the OneCoins to increase in value, you can still earn a commission as you refer people and they purchase OneCoin packages.


Despite misgivings from some people, this company does have the potential to grow as the demand for crypto currency such as OneCoin rises. On the marketing side, like any other business with a sponsoring/introducing others into the program type of business structure, it has its own share of risks and corresponding prospective return of investment. One excellent advantage of this company is that you won’t be keeping or purchasing physical items since it’s a cryptocurrency product you’re promoting and a unique one at that.

Below is a real life testimonial of Onecoin…

‘I joined Onecoin in December 2015 after a Mortgage broker called me and asked me what I thought as she hadn’t joined yet herself. I was initially a bit dubious because I hadn’t heard about digital-currency (aka crypto-currency) and when I googled it I found some scam material. I scratched a little deeper and found an incredible opportunity that is still at its infancy. I researched some more and found it to be quite clear there is a disruption occurring in the global financial services sector, allowing for new Fintech industry to flourish.

We are currently witnessing early disruption likely to become bigger than the internet itself, this is due to the underpinning Blockchain technology that allows instant, borderless and low cost transactions. What is revolutionary about this is that anyone who has a smartphone can now instantly send money to anyone anywhere in the world, and they’re able to store their money safely in a digital wallet. Previously the ability to do this was for those with a bank account, and today there are approximately 2.5 billion people who are unbanked globally.

The company that’s at the forefront of this new technology is Onecoin. This company has become so big so fast due to their generous compensation plan and network marketing system run by sister company called Onelife. Five of the top ten Direct selling earners in the world are distributors for Onecoin. I personally did not get into this for the network marketing but it has naturally taken effect due to my keen interest and telling others about it. I’ve seen the no. of Onecoin members grow from around 750,000 in December last year to now over 2.3 million

Onecoin generated their first billion dollars in revenue in around 10 months, it took Apple 7 years to accomplish this same feat. We are looking at a company that is quite possibly the fastest growing in the world and in the process of doing to the digital currency space what Facebook did to Myspace.’

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