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With the rise of the internet and social media, network marketing or MLM have grown into booming businesses. Chances are pretty good that you’ve already been approached by somebody about network marketing and didn’t even know what it was called. You might have thought it sounded too good to be true, but network marketing for the right company can be a very lucrative home based business.

So what is network marketing or MLM?

Network marketing or MLM is when you are hired as a Distributor or Representative for a company. Most of these companies allow you to make money in two ways: by selling products and by recruiting other Distributors or Representatives. A number of these companies also reward you with bonuses as people you’ve recruited make sales of their own.

The companies who offer network marketing opportunities vary greatly, so no matter what your interests are you can probably find a network marketing opportunity that fits your personality.

Advantages of network marketing or MLM

MLM has existed for almost a hundred years but it’s expanded dramatically as a field in the last 20 years thanks to the internet. There are many advantages to network marketing, and here are the first four:

  1. Low cost entry and little risk – Network marketing allows you the flexibility you experience when running your own business, but you don’t have to dream up an amazing product, borrow money to rent an office or hire employees. Any required investment is usually small enough that it won’t cause you any heartache if you realize this isn’t the business for you.
  2. Unlimited income potential – There are millions of people in network marketing all over the world and the top earners bring in millions of dollars each year. If you’re willing to put in the hard work and you sign up with the right company you can propel yourself to earning millions, often in just a few years.
  3. Training is provided – Pretty much any reputable company that has a network marketing program will also offer new recruits training. Usually this training is what you pay for when you sign up with the company, and it rarely costs more than a few hundred dollars. If you see a network marketing opportunity where they don’t mention any kind of training, it might actually be a scam business—make sure you check for reviews of the company before you sign up.
  4. Home business tax breaks – Your network marketing or MLM business counts as a home business unless you’re running it out of an office, allowing you to take advantage of several tax deductions. If you do this properly you can actually end up saving thousands of dollars per year when tax time arrives.

The Risks of Network Marketing

Network marketing or MLM is an often misunderstood form of business. The organizational structure of a network marketing business leads many people to incorrectly believe that even the most reputable network marketing companies are illegal pyramid schemes.

Of course, whether it’s a scam or not, the person telling you about their MLM company will always tell you it’s the best network marketing company around, with the highest rewards for the little work. The person talking to you probably gets paid the minute you sign up so it’s not like a job interview where they’re actually sizing up whether or not you should work for the company.

This makes it incredibly important to do your research. Of course, you should do your due diligence before agreeing to take on any job or business opportunity, but this is especially important with network marketing. You can research a company’s standing by looking them up in the Better Business Bureau or by Googling “<insertcompanyhere> sucks” to see if anything pops up. One or two negative reviews doesn’t mean anything, but if the first page contains nothing else, you’re better off not signing up with that company.

Remember to thoroughly read all paperwork the representative gives you before you sign anything or give them any money. If you’re still not confident after reading it all yourself you can even consult a lawyer to make sure you’re not signing up for a pyramid scheme.

What are the top network marketing companies?

There are thousands of network marketing companies, so you have a lot of freedom to choose. Ideally you should try to find a network marketing company that sells a product you actually believe in. This makes your job a lot easier, both because you’ll enjoy it more and because people will be able to tell when you’re actually enthusiastic about the product.

Many of the top network marketing companies sell products related to health or beauty and quite a few even sell their products exclusively through network marketing.

Here are the best MLM/network marketing companies you can work for:

1. Avon Avon is the ultimate MLM brand, being a household name often referenced in popular books or movies. They make a whopping $11.3 billion in sales every year selling a range of beauty products, jewelry and even clothing.


2. AmwayAmway might be slightly less of a household name, but they still bring in $10.9 billion in sales. They sell beauty products, personal care products, food, home care products and general wellness products.


3. Herbalife LTD. – Herbalife sells a range of personal care products and cosmetics, pulling in $3.5 billion every year.


4. Natura Cosmeticos SAAnother company focused around selling cosmetics and personal care products, Natura Cosmeticos SA brings in $3.0 billion in sales every year.


5. Vorwork & Co. KG Bringing in $3.0 billion in sales each year, Vorwork & Co. KG sells a range of cosmetics, household appliances and home care.


6. Mary Kay, Inc. This company brings in $2.9 billion of sales each year and focuses on selling cosmetics as well as a range of personal care products.


7. Tupperware Brands Corp. You might think of Tupperware as the small plastic containers you take lunch to work in, but it’s actually a thriving company that brings in $2.6 billion in sales each year. They sell a range of self-storage products, beauty products and personal care products.


8. Oriflame Cosmetics SAThis company focuses entirely on selling beauty products and brings in $2.1 billion each year.


9. Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. This company brings in $1.7 billion in sales each year and sells a range of cosmetics and beauty products.


10. BelcorpAnother large cosmetics company that also sells a wide range of personal care products, Belcorp brings in $1.7 billion in sales every year.


11. Primerica Financial Services Inc. This company sells financial services and makes $1.1 billion in sales each year.


12. Ignite Inc. – This company provides electricity and natural gas through its MLM program, earning $861 million in sales every year.


13. Telecom PlusTelecom Plus sells a wide range of products: landline and mobile phones, broadband service, gas, electricity and even their very own cashback card. All this nets them an annual $731 million in sales.


14. Yanbal International This company provides a wide range of skin care products, personal care products and cosmetics as well as some fragrances and jewelry. They earn $720 million in sales each year.


15. Ambit Energy L. P.This company provides energy for both homes and businesses and earns $664 billion in sales every year.


16. AMOREPACIFICThis company specializes in providing cosmetics as well as personal care and wellness products. They also sell a range of beverages. Oh, and they make an annual $600 million doing it.

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17. USANA Health Sciences Inc. Selling a wide range of wellness products, USANA Health Sciences makes $582 million in sales each year.


18. New Era Health Industry Group Co, LTD. – This company sells a range of cosmetics and healthcare products as well as a number of house cleaning products. They make $555 million each year.


19. ACN, Inc. ACN provides telecommunications services as well as providing energy, mostly to residential users. They make $550 million per year.


20. Scentsy  Scentsy sells a huge range of products, including cosmetics, personal care products, kitchenware, home décor and even food and beverages.


See any familiar names on this list? Are any of these companies you’ve purchased products from in the past? Do you know anyone working for these particular companies? If you’re already a fan of their products, you’ll be a far better Distributor, and a close friend who works for one of these companies can give you the honest truth about the work entailed.

Of course, you don’t have to rely on this list to find a network marketing gig. While these are the top network marketing companies you can join, there are thousands of others, selling products in a wide range of categories. Some even sell services!

Remember, network marketing or MLM can earn you millions of dollars if you put in the work, but you’ll only succeed if you choose a company with products you can feel proud to put your name behind.


About the Author Julie Aish

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