Nerium Review

Nerium Review & Forecast: Will Nerium Last In Australia?

Nerium Review

Skincare is one of the most liquid and profitable businesses today, actually better than investing in stock markets or buying Bitcoin. People are obsessed with their looks and they are always on the lookout for the most effective and reasonably-priced products in the market. This type of business is liquid especially if you are able to pull a unique marketing strategy that will make your brand stand out.

An article published in Forbes cited five reasons investing in skincare multi-level marketing businesses like Nerium International startup businesses has a high probability of success: brand loyalty, purchase frequency, decent margins, sales opportunities, and exit strategies. But before you get down to the nitty-gritty of the process, you must choose a credible company to work with.

Nerium International & Nerium Australia

Nerium International was launched in 2011 and is currently headquartered in Addison, Texas. The founder, Jeff Olson, was previously affiliated with The PrePaid Legal before he moved on to start his own skincare distribution company. He is also the founder of The People Network, a personal development company.

His expertise and experiences led him to write the Amazon bestselling book Slight Edge, a self-help book about achieving personal success. His work received 4,634 and counting actual reviews on Goodreads.

Nerium is an avid advocate of health and wellness which it exemplifies through the slogan “Looking better and living better”. The 5-five-year old company is featured in various media outlets and TV shows like The View, Good Morning America, CBS Chicago, The Wendy Williams Show, as well as local and national magazines such as The Dallas Business Journal and Life & Style.vl

Olson and his team mean serious business and it is reflective in their organizational structure. They have positions like Director of IT, Director of Global Quality and Supply Chain, and Regional General Manager just to name a few.

Nerium Products

Do Nerium products work?

As mentioned, Nerium International’s flagship products are in the line of age-defying technology such as eye cream, brightening cream, and contouring lotion. The company’s biotechnology arm has developed the so-called Nerium oleander, a powerful anti-aging property derived from oleander, aloe, and a proprietary protein blend.

Nerium Oleander

Over 1.5 million bottles were shipped to official distributors and retailers and every one of it is able to pass the Science and Safety Info Packet standards. Prior to the actual production, Nerium Biotechnology conducts clinical trials to determine the efficacy of the products as well as identify possible health side effects. All human subjects are tested under a digital imaging equipment to see the actual changes on the skin.

Nerium is so serious about science and technology that it has allotted 30 percent of its net earnings on research and development.

It’s important to note that not all products are available outside of the US. Be sure to check with the Nerium distributor that introduced you to the company regarding which Nerium products are available in the Australian market.

Nerium Compensation Plan

All distributors are given the title of Independent Brand Partner who are automatically given access to a wide range of training and resource materials available in four languages. Personal commissions can go as high as 25 percent depending on the volume of sales

Each time you refer a Preferred Customer, the compensation plan automatically gives you $16 and a bottle of night cream as incentives. Profit is fixed at 5 percent for the sixth level and 1 to 2 percent on the first to the fourth level.

You can choose among three distributor packages which offer a variety of commissions, earnings, and other incentives. The $1,000 package gives you 20 bottles of various products and a launch kit. The $500 kit gives you seven bottles of different products and a launch kit, and the $100 option offers the Brand Partner Launch Kit with no products.

All distributors are qualified to join the free auto ship program. You also earn $50 to $325 when you successfully sell Packages 1, 2, or 3 to every sponsored Brand Partners for the first month of your stay.

Nerium Pyramid Scheme

It is quite often the case within Australia that a company like Nerium is referred to as a pyramid scheme. Some people may want to know the answer to: “Is Nerium a scam?”.

Is it worth investing in Nerium International? Within five years, Nerium is able to establish itself as a reputable and trusted skincare company backed by science and technology. It is evident that the Olson group took lots of time and effort in making sure their products stands out in the market.

As for the compensation strategy, Nerium may not offer the highest earnings or commission percentage compared to other MLMs. However, you earnings are guaranteed and you are not given false hopes that you can earn six-digits that easily. Nerium focuses on true network marketing values, something that is lacking from other brands.

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