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Modere Review: Is Modere Neways a Scam?

Modere Australia Review

Modere is a company that offers a line of lifestyle essentials such as health and wellness, personal care, and household products that are elegantly designed.  They guarantee that their merchandise is proven safe and tested. They also offer the potential to make money with the products through their compensation plans.

Modere Neways

They are currently positioning the company strategically into the online social realm. Modere has a solid foundation with their rebranded products from Neways which stood the test of time and are able to stand up for themselves.

Modere Products

This begs the question, if Neways is such a great product, why does it need to rebrand itself? The answer lays in the changing times and the new age that we are living in as of the moment. For a direct sales company to remain in business, it has to evolve along with the industry.

People who have tried and loved the product are eligible to receive an invitation to acquire the Modere Beauty Box that gives a monthly subscription of their top notch quality merchandise.

Modere Compensation Plan

People can also choose to earn by being a Modere representative through their Shifting Retail website which shares their Multi-Level Marketing compensation model. The “Pod” compensation plan is geared towards social media; taking advantage of today’s technology such as smart phones, tablets and computers.  Discussed in-depth in the site are the roles of representatives in their “Social Retail” structure which harnesses the power of social media to promote, market, and sell their products. It also details everything that a representative would need to solidify their claim of legitimacy in the network marketing world.

The cost of investing in their MLM program depends on the products chosen by the customer. A customer can choose to join the MLM compensation program and become a “Social Marketer” without any waiting period or qualifying purchase. Application can be done via phone, fax or online application in Modere’s official website and Modere-sponsored Social Marketer websites. Once the application is processed and the Social Marketer Agreement has been accepted by the company, the entrepreneur is qualified for the benefits of their compensation plan instantly.

The entry level of an entrepreneur in their MLM compensation plan is the Social Marketing Consultant. Progression through their career path would depend upon the ability of the new consultant to meet the specified monthly requirements. As they move up through their career path, new opportunities and increased earnings become available.

Modere Compensation Plan

A Modere Australia Social Marketer can earn by means of the following:

  • First Order Bonus – Receive 20% from the points on a new Social Marketer’s first order
  • Dynamic Team Leader and Director Bonus – Receive 12% up to 15% on the largest paid generation in 3 generations of the Unilevel commissions
  • Rank Advancement Bonus – every time you are promoted to Team Leader or Elite Social Marketer, you will earn a Rank Advancement bonus at around $750 or $12,000.
  • Rank Advancement Matching Bonus – Each time one of the team reaches Team leader, you will earn $250.
  • Generation Unilevel
  • Four and More Builder Bonus – An Elite Social Marketer will earn an additional 4% on the 4th team and beyond within the Generation Unilevel.
  • Sharing Bonus – Earn from 10% – 20% of your Customer points in the pod.
  • Monthly Selling Reward – Qualifications to this rewards is when a person hits a specific level of customer points and minimum Active Customer Count in the same month. It can either range from $100 to $1,000.
  • Consistency Selling Reward – This can be received when a consultant earns the Monthly Selling Reward for three consecutive months.
  • Leadership Development Bonus – this can be receive when a team member acquires their Generational Unilevel and Sharing Bonus earnings.


High quality products, profitable compensation plan, and a solid company; this is what a prospecting entrepreneur can get from entering with Modere. So is Modere a scam or a legitimate business? To make the story short and to answer the question, yes it is a legitimate MLM opportunity. But before going gung ho and blindly signing up with the company, it still pays to read their agreements and policies to avoid the impending doom that every novice MLM marketer is fated for. This is one way of committing to a network marketer’s personal development. A lot of MLM tenderfoots blame the product, leader and even the company once they fail in their endeavor. Little did they know that the issue lies not in the company or product they carry, but in themselves. Learn the company’s system, imbibe their culture and success will definitely inevitably follow.

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