Miessence Review: Should You Join Miessence Australia?

Miessence Review

Many network marketing companies have been making products in the personal care and skincare line but Miessence has established itself as a cut above the rest by specialising in organic skincare. Most cosmetics have quite a number of ingredients and not all of them are truly safe for the skin. A lot of people have now switched to using organic products since they’re gentler on the skin and they’re free of synthetic preservatives and toxic and harsh ingredients. Investing in a skin care brand that provides such great value for customers sounds like quite a good opportunity but let’s take a look at the company in more detail before deciding.

Miessence Australia

First founded in 1997 as One Group, Miessence is owned and managed by Alf Orphen, Narelle Chenery, and Colin Chenery. It’s worth noting that Alf Orphen’s commitment at Miessence comes from his passion for organic farming. It’s good to know that this company has been around for more than a decade, a good sign of credibility for network marketing companies, and that it’s headed by someone who’s actually knowledgeable in the organic products industry.

Miessence Products

Miessence offers a variety of organic products that can be used for the hair and skin such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, cream and lotion. They also have health and nutritional supplements, protein powder, makeup like foundation, blush and lip balm, as well as air freshener and cleaning products to be used in the home. These products have been evaluated and guaranteed all-natural by organics authorities and they make use of food grade and plant-based ingredients. Though they don’t come cheap, these products have earned the approval of many users and are well-recommended for their positive results.

How to earn money with Miessense

Similar to other network marketing companies, Miessence lets you make a profit in two ways: either as a lifestyle member, earning a retail commission from products you sell to other users, or by becoming a representative and referring new members.

As a representative, you are assigned a rank depending on the minimum number of representatives you refer and the personal or team volume you maintain per month. Personal or Team Volume indicates the number of points you earn from the products you purchase every month. Rankings begin at the Associate level, then go up to the Bronze Associate, Silver Associate, Gold Associate, Executive, Bronze Executive, Silver Executive, Gold Executive, Platinum Executive and Diamond Executive, the highest level.

You can also earn money from your downline, as a sponsor, meaning when your referrals recommend other members and when these people purchase products as well. Other bonuses the company gives to its members include the 100% bonus, builder’s bonus, fast start bonus, sponsor bonus, re-oder bonus and loyalty bonus.

To join Miessence, you have three options. You can sign up as a Representative without buying any products, but you have to pay a fee worth around $50. You may also buy several products in the Fast Start package worth $300+ or from the Basic Start package amounting to $100+.

Miessense Scam?

All in all, Miessence is a legitimate company selling first-class quality products and providing a fair compensation plan which motivates its members to patronise their items and market them. If you’re interested in organic and natural products and you want to make a decent profit on the side, this is an excellent choice but you have to regularly buy a minimum number of products every month and actively persuade people to sign up.

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