Lyoness Review: Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

The company Lyoness has many people asking questions. With so much information there are many mixed reviews. Here there is information that will help each person make an informed decision about their involvement in the company.

Lyoness was developed by CEO Howard Fried who began his company in 2003. From Australia, the company spread like wild fire all over Europe and finally to the United States. In fact, things have gone so well for this company that the last six months have seen a growth rate of 43%.

This company has a wide variety of products. To list a few of their offerings there are games, books clothing, electronics, groceries, movies, music, pet items, garden products and automotive offerings. Products are available from close to 50,000 merchants making Lyoness nearly unbeatable when it comes to selection in product choices and prices (which are competitive). In addition to the high number of merchants, the member list has hit 4,500,000. This is an impressive number of involved patrons and speaks to the legitimacy of Lyoness as a whole.

In addition to being a large company offering many items from many merchants, Lyoness has what is called a child and family foundation. This is a charity organization helps with the educational needs of those who need help having a better chance at a successful future. Their second charity is the Greenfinity Foundation.

The Greenfinity Foundation, developed in 2011, was invented to help boost goal for sustainable environmental protection. They are involved in projects dealing with protecting the climate as well as investing in renewable energy to keep the earth healthy for future generations.

This is a company that is cash back meaning all the purchases people make online earn them cash back percentages for each item. Shopping on Lyoness can only be done through their marketing memberships but what is that all about?

Each purchase that a person makes will earn them up to 2% cash back. A total of $20 must  be accrued before withdrawal is allowed. This is the simple part of things. The business side can be a bit more complex.

The business part of Lyoness is actually an MLM scheme. People earn  commissions when they sponsor others into the company. They offer a compensation plan that is boasted to be the best of its kind  but the big question is whether the scheme is a scam or legit.

All signs point to Lyoness not being a scam. Being in business since 2003, it stands to reason that if it were not legit it would not have survived this long. However, scam or not there are pros and cons to the company and its MLM practice.

The first thing to understand is that there truly is money that can be made through this opportunity. The right people can do quite well with it. When it comes to the cash back part things could not go better and they pay right on time. The business end is  different story though.

It sounds as if it would be a simple gig. Each person sponsors others and get paid for doing so. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It can be for the right person but it is not for everyone. On average, each person only sponsors 2 people into their part of the business. What this means is that it is not possible to make any sort of profit aside from pocket change. So, what is the point?

If someone is serious about making a good income from this though, they have to be willing and dedicated. They must also be ready to spend money on the tools of training and education. If they are willing to this then there is a better chance of actually earning an income from Lyoness though their business sector.

Becoming a member of Lyoness is free, but getting in on the business level requires $3000 towards future purchases. Once this is paid you receive commissions from all others brought on board to the business. From there a commission is received for each and this is how the money is made. The money is not just for purchases but is also an investment.

Overall, Lyoness is a quality company that can benefit the right person as long as they are willing to put in the effort to make it work. And if the business aspect is not something someone feels that they can do, the cash back program is definitely worth getting involved in.

About the Author Julie Aish

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