Kyani Review: Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

When looking for network marketing opportunities in Australia, chances are that Kyani is one of the names one comes across. Their offer looks plausible and is marketed well, but as with all business opportunities, it pays to do more research into the details of what Kyani provides to distributors. Some network marketing companies look good on the surface, but end up being a complete scam where only the people that get in first ever stand a chance to make any money.

Kyani Scam Warning

Is Kyani a Scam?

“Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.” Mark Zuckerberg, the name behind Facebook, is known for proving this. Kyani follows the same idea but offers individuals the opportunity to earn a living through the promotion of their product range. Like any network marketing business model, there are some risks and potential for significant financial rewards.

Kyani is not a scam.

One school of thought in the network marketing industry, of which Kyani is very much a part of, is that their compensation plans only benefit the top level sellers, but every now and then a legitimate chance at an independent career arises. So are the early Kyani distributors taking money from newbie and blindsighted distributors or is this a real opportunity to make some serious cash?

Kyani creates products in the wellness industry that use all-natural ingredients to promote healthier living. They have a dedicated team of researchers that spend their days studying the effects of natural minerals on the body. All experimental healthy businesses are doing their best to tackle the things that harm aging bodies. Kyani is no different and uses ingredients in their products that have been known to fight cancer, eliminate body and arthritis pain, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and give healthy energy boosts. Sounds great right? Let’s dive a little deeper.

Kyani Products Review – Do Kyani Products Work?

The health industry is now seeing a rise in nutritional supplements and it can be hard to choose among the many.  Kyani is one of the more recent brands that has been gaining attention and is showing much potential.  Specializing in health products, Kyani was established in 2005 and they distribute their products through multi-level marketing as we covered above.  This company aims to improve health and at the same time enhance people’s way of life.  Although Kyani supplements do not claim to have therapeutic effects and are not an alternative to prescription medication, many people have recommended Kyani because of their positive effects on the body.  Here are the three best selling health products from Kyani:

Kyani Sunrise

Kyani Sunrise is meant to provide maximum energy throughout the day.  Because of the many powerful plant-based ingredients in this supplement, it brings all the benefits of antioxidants.  Chief among these is the wild Alaskan blueberry and this type of blueberry is even more potent as an antioxidant than the regular blueberry.  Other ingredients found in this supplement are pomegranate, raspberry, amla berry and ginseng, all fruits that are packed with vitamins and minerals.  With this supplement, you receive a good dose of vitamin C, folate, the B vitamins and taurine, and this aids your body in managing stress, strengthening immunity, improving cardiovascular health and promoting mental alertness.  Kyani Sunrise is available as a liquid in 30 ounces, and you should drink one ounce of this before your first meal either directly or taken together with water or fruit juice.

Kyani Sunset

Best taken in the evenings, Kyani Sunset has a host of benefits.  It can keep blood sugar levels stable, fortify the immune system, improve cognition and mental awareness, strengthen the heart, and lessen inflammation.  This supplement is also a great aid to weight loss since it helps curb your appetite at night.  It’s rich in healthy fish oils and Omega 3, which is extracted from the wild Alaskan salmon, one of the top sources of essential fatty acids. It’s high in vitamin D as well, along with vitamin E and beta-carotene.  Kyani Sunset is in soft gel form, with one bottle containing 90 gel capsules.  For maximum results, you will need to consume three capsules after your evening meal.

Kyani Nitro FX and Nitro Xtreme

The nutrients in Kyani Nitro FX and Nitro Xtreme are derived from the noni fruit, which is exceptionally high in nitrate.  Our body converts nitrate to nitric oxide and strengthens the body in many ways.  Kyani Nitro FX facilitates increased mental acuteness, raises your energy levels, supports the immune system and enhances cardiovascular and reproductive health.

Kyani Nitro Xtreme, meanwhile, is stronger than Kyani Nitro FX and has the added benefit of providing the body with maximum energy thanks to the minerals magnesium, chromium, zinc and niacin.

Both Kyani Nitro FX and Nitro Xtreme are available in 56 ml sizes.  Choose either of the two and take a few drops in the morning as well as in the evening.

All these products are effective in boosting physical and mental health, plus they’re composed of natural ingredients.  Like any supplement or medication, however, be sure to follow the directions on the bottle on how and when to take the product.  Also, if you’re pregnant or if you have any special conditions or serious health concerns, be sure to check with your doctor if this product is safe for you.

Are Kyani Products Overpriced?

The problem with many health companies in the network marketing industry is that the products that they sell are being created everywhere and can be found at much cheaper prices. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary, but this can put some people off of joining the business. The truth is, there are countless testimonials as to the Kyani product range and furthermore, people are infinitely more likely to buy a product from someone they trust, than from a normal retail chain. So, if the products have a track record of success and are being offered by a friend or family member, would you try it at least once?

Kyani Pros

  • They have quite a complex commission plan that’s aimed to bring HUGE rewards to sellers who stick to the system and put in the work required (nothing comes for free in life!).
  • Kyani products can sell themselves to buyers who really need them.
  • People who buy Kyani often become distributors because the products has helped them dramatically and their passion is contagious.
  • The product name is not incredibly well known just yet and gives the opportunity to jump in at the top of rapidly growing levels.
  • The company, although relatively new to Australia, has got off to an excellent start and has the foundation for future success in place.
  • The compensation plan is geared toward the distributor. Product prices are sufficiently price to enable Kyani wants to pay distributors well.

Kyani Cons

  • It can cost up to $1,300 AUD to gain access to their full level marketing materials.
  • The company has been active since 2005 and is still not a household name (though you could see this as an opportunity rather than a negative)
  • Their compensation plan is weighted toward certain products and the more valuable packages pay less.
  • Many distributors do not make a significant profit, so be aware that the rewards come from action.

There are several other companies that offer a much greater opportunity on the surface. However, all is not always what it seems so be sure to due your research and ask current Kyani distributors about their honest experience with the business.

What Is The Kyani Dream Car Program?


One of the most appealing aspects of the Kyani business opportunity in Australia is the presence of the Dream Car Program. The program has conditions attached to it whereby Representatives that qualify at a certain level of achievement in the business can qualify for a program where Kyani distributors receive compensation that can be offset against a car repayment! This is certainly one of the aspects of the business that it could be worthwhile asking a Kyani Representative about when you’re clarifying the best aspects of the business.

Kyani Pyramid Scheme

Is it a scam? No. Should aspiring independent business owners be excited to join? For sure. It is not impossible to earn a very comfortable living from Kyani but it takes time and resources to reach a level that will allow distributors to support a family. The most successful distributors are spending time and energy to grow their business and you should expect to do the same.

Get More Information

We are not involved with Kyani here at Network Marketing Watch, but we certainly do believe the opportunity warrants further research if you are someone looking to get started on a business like this – there are many success stories so why not you?

Given the high level of interest in Kyani, we have found a contact from the business where our readers can find out more information. The representative happens to be one of the highest ranked individuals in Australia and knows all the ins and outs of the business. Simply leave a message in the contact form below he will respond to you within 48 hours or less!

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