Empower Network Review

Empower Network Review: Join or Avoid?

Empower Network Review

For those who are considering getting involved in the Empower Network business opportunity, this article will cover some important info to be considered before moving forward or making any decisions. There is most definitely the potential to make money with this online business but as with any money making scheme, there are ups and downs that one should be aware of before jumping in with both feet.

To begin with, Empower does cost money to get started with. To get in the door it costs $25. Next is the monthly fee of $100USD ($143.23 AD). There is also a one-time fee of $500USD ($716.13 AD) for an incentive plan to help with up selling success. Of course all business opportunities online cost something so this fee list should not come as any big surprise. However, the main difference between this online money making opportunity and others is the product(s).

For the $25 fee you get your own blog platform with access to the basic core training.  You will get access to page systems and office tools. For $100 you get all of this plus access to team leaders, founders and other members that can assist and teach you. And finally, for $500 you get all of these things plus a private, three day retreat to the founders home in the country of Costa Rica for the best possible training.

The basis of this business is to keep bringing in others for the initial cost of $25USD ($35.81 AD). Basically this is the epitome of a true pyramid opportunity. Promotion of this scheme is the key to making any sort of income.

When researching the company for the purpose of earning an income, they make the outrageous claim that it will only take a few short weeks the person will be able to make thousands of dollars. Not only that, the claim also states that all that money is able to be made without having to do any hard work at all. This sounds like an excellent opportunity but how often is something like this ringing with truth? The answer is never. Making a good living always takes work and typically doesn’t happen overnight. Also, the chance of making so much money so very fast is low at best.

The question now is if the above information is a leap of the truth, is it really possible to make any money with this company? The answer to this question is yes. However, the money that can be made is nowhere close to what is suggested by the company. Knowing this, one must decide if it is worth it or too risky to go into business with a company that is so comfortable with stretching the truth. To help make this decision it is important to actually see the true income potential. Below is a projected income chart for reference.

Now what about training, tools and support? The simple answer is no. Empower itself offers zero support and training. However, in many cases the person who signs others up for the MLM scheme will often provide help even though it is not required. Doing this is definitely in the best interest of each person because the more the signees know the more money the make and the more money they make the more money is made by the person who signed the up.

The bottom line is that while this is a legal opportunity that may allow people to make some money, it is also a huge Ponzi scheme and according to the large amount of information from those who have given it a try, it is not worth the effort.

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After studying this information it is very clear that while there is money to be made, it is nowhere near what is claimed in order to bring people on board in the company. Each person must decide if the initial investment is worth the cost in order to make the kind of money that is actually possible to earn with Empower.

This may be a hard choice since from the above chart it is clear that many people who have gotten on board with the company are not making a dime from their efforts. And there really are efforts no matter what is said about earning a lot of money with very little work. Those willing to work hard at this opportunity and put in a lot of time and effort can make money.

However, this chance is far from being a dream come true for those who are searching for their ticket to financial independence. Those who have experience in MLM, good experience, will have a better chance at a certain degree of success. However, for those who have no MLM or sales experience, making an amount of money that is worth the time, effort and investment will be next to impossible.

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