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Jeunesse Review

Jeunesse is a network company dedicated to selling health supplements and anti-aging creams.

Jeunesse Global Review

Jeunesse Global is based out of the United States but also maintains offices all around the world, with locations in Europe, Africa and Asia. Two experienced network marketers, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, founded the company when Wendy discovered some incredibly life-changing anti-aging products. Since then the company has grown at astronomical rates and by all appearances will continue to do so.

Jeunesse gives distributors two different ways to make money: by recruiting new distributors and of course by selling the products directly. This is the same standard model most network marketing companies follow, and most Jeunesse affiliates will use both of these strategies to make money.

Jeunesse Australia Business Opportunity

A network marketing company is only as good as its products. Jeunesse offers a wide range of nutritional supplements and anti-aging creams. Their various product lines appeal to a wide range of people all over the world.

Jeunesse Scam

Jeunesse Pyramid Scheme Warnings

So is Jeunesse Australia illegal and just a scam? No!! It’s not a scam. Clearly, a company that’s been operating for many years in dozens of companies is not a scam so if you’ve been told that it is a scam, perhaps take that advice with a grain of salt.

Do Jeunesse products work

Jeunesse Luminesce

Considered Jeunesse’s “flagship lineup”, the Luminesce line contains Jeunesse’s most popular products, a series of anti-aging creams designed to be used at different times of day.

All products in the Luminesce line contain something called adipose derived adult stem cell conditioned media, a growth complex that encourages the growth of new skin cells to fill in wrinkles and improve the luminescence of your skin. Luminesce calls this “Y.E.S.” or Youth Enhancement formula.

Here’s a glance at the Luminesce product line up:  

  • Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum
  • Luminesce Advanced Night Repair
  • Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser
  • Luminesce Essential Body Renewal
  • Luminesce Ultimate Lifting Masque

Jeunesse Instantly Ageless

Instantly Ageless is similar to the Luminesce line in that its job is to reduce the visible impact of aging on your face. The difference is that Instantly Ageless products are what Jeunesse calls “microcream” products, designed specifically to target wrinkles.

Instantly Ageless creams don’t encourage collagen production or encourage your skin to heal itself. Instead the particles that form the microcream fill the fine lines and wrinkles along your face. You simply apply the cream in a thin layer over your wrinkles and wait 2-3 minutes for it to sink in.

These products have an immediately visible effect and have been heralded as “like Botox but without the needles”. The instantly visible effect makes this a great presentation product for Jeunesse affiliates.

Instantely Ageless cream can last for up to 3 days but most people notice that best effects fade after 24 hours. The cream’s effects will also dissipate once you wash your face.

Jeunesse Global Nutrition

Their supplements aren’t as popular as the anti-aging products, but Jeunesse Global provides a range of nutritional supplements suitable for people with a range of lifestyles.

  • AM & PM Essentials – These nutritional supplements are supposed to delay symptoms of premature aging. These multivitamins contain a range of vitamins thought to help reduce the effects of aging. AM supplements should be taken with breakfast and PM supplements should be taken shortly before bed.
  • Reserve – Unlike most other nutritional supplements Reserve comes in a liquid filled packet that makes it easily identifiable. It claims to work on a deeper level, providing individual cells with strength and helping them rebuild.
  • Fniti – Finiti is a multivitamin with a range of vitamins which are thought to reduce oxidative stress, a major factor in the aging of cells. These vitamins reduce the effects of aging by targeting an enzyme called telomerase and lengthening its lifespan to help your cells live longer.

Jeunesse Zen

This product line is the newest Jeunesse Global line and claims to be a total weight management system.

  • Zen Shape – Zen Shape contains a handful of natural compounds that assist in weight loss such as mango seed extract, green tea leaf extract and raspberry ketones. It works by increasing your body temperature so you literally sweat off the weight.
  • Zen Fit – Ideal for after workouts, Zen Fit is a rich source of amino acids. The supplement is meant to aid protein digestion and boost muscle recovery. This one actually comes in two different flavours, watermelon and fruit punch.
  • Zen Pro – Zen Pro is a standard protein powder, available in the flavours chocolate dream and vanilla bliss. It has slightly less protein per serving than most competitors as it is primarily marketed towards women trying to build lean muscle.

Should you join Jeunesse Australia?

Jeunesse Global products are often a little more expensive than similar products that can be purchased at stores, this is the main argument of individuals who try to talk the Jeunesse opportunity down. Facts are, the products are not a bargain-basement price product and the thing that needs to be understood, particular with the skin care and weight loss products is this: If the products work (which the have lots of evidence to point towards the fact that they do), then price really does not become an issue. People who want to look younger and lose weight quickly, are more than happy to pay for a product that works. Thi is why Jeunesse products make for a great business opportunity.

Jeunesse have recently become one of the most popular network marketing companies in the entire world and have grown consistently since the company’s birth. They’re an excellent choice for somebody looking to start a home business.

Find Out More

We are not involved with Jeunesse here at Network Marketing Watch, but we certainly do believe the opportunity warrants further research if you are someone looking to get started on a business like this – there are many success stories so why not you?

Given the high level of interest in Jeunesse, we have found a contact from the business where our readers can find out more information. The representative is helping with the expansion throughout Australia and knows all the ins and outs of the business. Simply leave a message in the contact form below he will respond to you within 48 hours or less!