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It Works Review: Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

It Works has rapidly been taking over the health and wellness scene with its modern products and huge following. Most, if not all of It Works independents started out by taking a shot and purchasing a product that their friends said produced amazing results. With extravagant testimonials and ‘party’ videos all over their website, they are trying to prove that its distributors are living the lives they have always dreamed of. It is just one of the companies however promising these kinds of results for both clients and distributors. Is it all just some big marketing ploy though, or is It Works the real deal?

It Works Australia Review

Have you tried the crazy wrap thing?

Like so many others, It Works practices network marketing. This in itself could set off some alarm bells, as some of the biggest scams in the industry evolve around these kinds of marketing techniques. Due diligence is needed. There are a few HUGE differences though. For example, buying any of their products is as easy as visiting their online shop.  Many other businesses like to keep their goods on available through a distributor or independent business owner. Since launching their online store though, It Works has experienced a 1000% increase in revenue. With numbers like that, it is hard to deny that their products are great, otherwise people would not be so inclined to jump in.

It Works Products Review

It Works Wraps

The health and wellness company typically sells body creams, gels, consumables, and it works wraps all aimed at give the buyer smoother, younger skin, and eliminating fat. It Works’ supplements are even known to help strengthen, lengthen, and regrow head hair. If these products work as well as the company claims they do, it is no wonder so many users are making the transition from consumer to distributor. But is it worth it and what can distributors expect when they decide to work with the business?

It Works Pros

  • Distributors can sell ANY It Works product and earn immediate commissions.
  • The company has recently reached over $200 million USD in revenue meaning that people are making a LOT of money.
  • These products a generally geared toward people who believe in them, so promoting them is fun and entertaining.
  • It Works distributors have access to the information of all other suppliers in their area for market and competition research.
  • Parties! One of their biggest marketing tools is the presentation of products through parties.

It Works Cons

  • It is at minimum $110 AUD/month to maintain an active distributor status.
  • The growth of It Works has started to decrease, probably because there are so many people diving into something they love.
  • It is strictly a ‘get what you put into it’ program, meaning you will have to invest considerable amounts of time and energy before you reach financial worth.
  • There are similar products in tanning salons and at local pharmacies that claim to do the same thing for much cheaper.

It Works is one of those business where the best distributors are individuals who have been using the products for lengthy periods of time and eventually have built a strong sales team. To do really well, independant business operators suggest using the products for a period of time before ultimately deciding to take the business leap. While this can be considered a ploy make potential distributors pay a lot of money upfront, it is definitely a good thing to known every in and out about the products sold. It will also prevent those not liking the products from making the wrong choice in investing to become a distributor.

Final Thoughts

Is it a scam? Nope. Is there something similar that is structured better? Not for these types of products. If distributors are self-motivated, constantly sharing their business, and do not mind the time that it will take to build a solid income, It Works is perfect! The biggest difference between this company and other network marketing businesses is that most representative are actively using and discovering the new products themselves. The best thing, and possibly the worst thing, is that sellers need to have patience and passion for what they are doing. That is always the case when starting a new business, so for those who have a specific interest for the market that It Works services, it can be a legitimate opportunity which will jumpstart a long and prosperous career making money doing what you like.