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Isagenix Review

Isagenix is one of the lesser known but still quite successful network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) companies in the world. They offer a variety of products designed to help people improve their health, including a variety of nutrient shakes, protein powders and energy bars.

Founded in 2002, Isagenix is one of the few large and successful network marketing companies actually based in Australia. They currently operate almost exclusively in Australia and New Zealand.

Isagenix Products

Isagenix offers a number of different product lines aimed to improve different areas of your health, including weight loss, energy and performance, healthy aging and general daily health.

Isagenix Weight Loss Products

Isagenix offers two nutritional cleansing programs, one nine day program and one 30 day program. They also offer a 30-day starter pack and a healthy maintenance program which contains a range of Isagenix products specifically designed to make you feel better from day to day and keep the weight off.

Isagenix Energy and Performance Products

Isagenix sells two different packages designed to help you increase your energy, the Energy and Performance President’s Pak and the Energy and Performance Pro Pak. They also sell their performance enhancing products individually. These include the e+Shot, a supplement derived from green tea and verba mate, and IsaPro Whey Protein, which contains 27 grams of protein per serving.

Isagenix Healthy Aging Products

This line of products includes the Healthy Aging Pak, the Youthful Aging Pak and the Product B™ IsaGenesis™ President’s Pak and the unique IsaGenesis™ supplement which is designed to reduce oxidative stress. This lengthens the life of telomeres which is supposed to lengthen the life of individual cells.

Isagenix General Health Products

The general daily health line consists primarily of the Isagenix Essentials for Men and Women, a pair of multivitamins. Both multivitamins also include enzymes which maximize the absorption of nutrients from food. Isagenix also offers Isagenix Greens, a mixture of dehydrated superfoods you can add to anything to give yourself an energy boost.

Isagenix Compensation Plan

How do Isagenix representatives get paid?

Isagenix offers a compensation plan similar to other MLM companies with six ways to earn money:

  1. Retail sales you receive up to 30% of the profit on all sales
  2. Product introduction bonus you receive a bonus every time you sign up a new representative
  3. Product introduction pak bonus when you personally enrol someone as an associate and they purchase a product information pak at the time of sign up you get an extra bonus
  4. Autoship rewards If you maintain an autoship order you will get steeper discounts on products and qualify for other incentives
  5. Team bonus If you can build two teams you will receive team bonuses every “Cycle”
  6. 10% Matching team bonus once you’re managing 10 or more product representatives you will receive a 10% matching bonus generated each cycle based on the income of all the Consultants, Managers, Directors and Executives you personally enrolled.

Isagenix Cost

The actual membership fee for Isagenix is an annual $29. This means it’s a lower initial startup fee than many comparative businesses, but over the years this cost can add up and not really be worth it if you’re not successful with Isagenix. You will also have to buy a product pack. There are a couple different product packs but altogether you can get started for less than $300.

Isagenix Scam

Wondering if Isagenix is just one big scam? Have you been approached about the opportunity and told that maybe is is the Isagenix pyramid scheme? Selling Isagenix is not an easy way to make money but it is a viable business if you’re willing to put in the time and hard work. Isagenix is a relatively new MLM company with less of a reputation than some of its competitors such as Herbalife, so you will have to do all the sales work yourself instead of relying on a brand’s reputation.

Network marketing is often pitched as an easy way to make money—”all you have to do is talk to people”, they tell you—but it’s actually incredibly difficult, especially if you’re not particularly outgoing. Most people make only a paltry sum during their first few months as a network marketer and it’s easy to be discouraged in this line of work.

If you suffer from anxiety, don’t enjoy regularly meeting new people, or only have a few hours here and there to contribute, Isagenix is not the business for you. Even outgoing people who have the time and energy to really build a MLM business struggle and fail if they don’t have direct marketing experience.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of direct marketing experience, you love people, and you can afford to pour a lot of time into setting up your Isagenix business, this opportunity can provide you with unlimited income.