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ACN Review: Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

Joining ACN looks like an interesting opportunity to get a head start as a business owner, without having to come up with one’s own product. Starting a career as an independent business owner, however, can be a bit frightening. People who find themselves trusting and at the mercy of a parent company put themselves in very vulnerable situations. It is definitely one of those high risk, high reward things that mom and dad were always warning them about. They did not listen though, and the appeal of being their own boss, controlling their income, and financial freedom was irresistible.

The IBOs at ACN are no different and have shared enough to help determine if this company is a legitimate opportunity or just another affiliate scam. It can be hard to decide if an opportunity like this is just that: a legitimate opportunity, or if it is just some ploy to scam unknowing people desperate to get started on their own business. This ACN review will discuss the particulars of ACN’s business model, some of the positive points and negative points, and if one should pursue a career as an ACN representative. Is it a legitimate money earning opportunity?

ACN Pacific Review

What Does ACN Do?

When it comes to the future of telecommunications, ACN is well prepared. They provide services internationally that are found in almost every household like high speed internet, phone and mobile services, security systems, tech support, and even TV packages. Sticking to their promoted business model, they contract with independents to sell services for them. Essentially, they are just a middleman providing some marketing content and collecting fat paychecks.

They are doing something right though because they have generated over half a billion dollars in revenue. When they enlist someone as salesperson, they are solidifying a personal experience because each IBO is creating value for customers and delivering exactly what is needed. The problem is, they receive all of the credit. Like most network marketing based companies, they have an extensive level-based payment program that has many benefits, but can also burn a ton of time and resources if you are unsuccessful. A good look at the pros and cons of this program will make things more clear:

Benefits of Joining ACN

  • The product and services that are being sold are used in almost every household making them a need more than a desire.
  • They provide IBO marketing tools and support that helps in the acquisition of new customers.
  • Their payment scale increases drastically when more members are added to a sales team.
  • The average full time ACN representative earns about $15,000 AUD/month.
  • The company is always advancing and keeps services and packages at the highest level providing IBOs the best sales opportunities.

ACN Cons

  • ACN Cost – It’s $690 AUD just to apply to the program and then $14 AUD per month.
  • The market for these services is incredibly saturated and would require some extensive marketing knowledge and creativity.
  • Full time income does not usually occur until a team of 20 people has been established.
  • The average price of service is $52 AUD and commission is not discussed until an application has been submitted to ACN.

There are several great things about ACN, but an extreme level of commitment and larger than normal investment is required. This leaves most self-employment seekers asking the question, “Why would they charge to sell if they are that confident in their business?” The company publicly claims that their prices are strictly a way of weeding out the less motivated and acquiring the serious. There is some merit to that thought. Getting something for free turns it into being of less value, and the upfront payment helps with the motivation to pull through.


Is it a scam? No. Are there better IBO opportunities? Definitely. However, if a representative can commit themselves to a long term goal and work hard to meet financial objectives, ACN can be incredibly lucrative. As said before, the average full time IBO is earning about $15,000 AUD/month. Granted at this point they have acquired a team of about 250 people each selling about 20 of the standard services per month. ACN can be considered to be a legitimate opportunity, however operating in a saturated market. It is definitely a good idea to take a look at other opportunities in the Australian market, but one could do worse than joining ACN.