Amway Review

Amway Review

Founded over 50 years ago, Amway (American Way) is one of the largest and most successful network marketing companies in the world. They sell a huge range of products but are best known for their health and beauty products.

In 2012 Amway was placed at number 25 on Forbes’ list of the largest private U.S. companies. That same year they recorded over $11 billion in sales. Amway currently has representatives all over the world.

Amway Products

Amway reviewsAmway focuses on eco-friendly items and sells hundreds of products, many of them from popular brands such as Legacy of Clean, Nutrilite, XS and Artistry. Product lines include air and water purifiers, jewelry, home care products, personal care products, electronics, cosmetics and even insurance.

This wide variety allows you to choose products you care about and are confident about selling. You can sell as many different products you want, so you’re never bound by what you initially choose to sell.

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How do earn money in Amway

Amway’s pay structure is the same as most network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. Distributors get paid when they sell products, when they recruit new distributors and when the distributors they recruited make sales.

Amway representatives are initially recruited as Amway Ibos and must go through some basic training with their sponsors before they can start making money through Amway.

Amway Cost To Join

New Amway distributors can choose between two different starting packages: the regular Welcome Kit for $62 or the Welcome Product Kit for $83.99 which includes full size products and samples. Both kits come with step-by-step sales and recruiting instructions.

Is Amway a pyramid scheme?

Like most network marketing companies, Amway is only a viable business for a particular kind of person. In order to build a successful network marketing business a person needs to be outgoing, persuasive and willing to put in the time. While it is true that a successful network marketer can reach a point where they’re receiving considerable residual income from the people they’ve referred, this is only after recruiting and training several other distributors.

Amway does provide considerably more training than many of its competitors. They offer business and leadership courses to all their distributors as well as a support network of Amway IBO members. New distributors can choose between online or in-person training.

Many presenters wrongfully pitch Amway and other network marketing companies as an easy way to get rich, but this is not an easy business to build. The main advantage it has over other businesses is the low startup cost. Starting a business of any kind is risky, but setting up a business through Amway or another MLM company is extremely low-risk compared to renting your own brick-and-mortar store.

Outgoing people who are willing and able to put a considerable number of hours into recruiting new distributors and properly training their recruits can do extremely well in network marketing.

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  • Amway provides an incredibly supportive work environment with a strong online community
  • There’s an Amway app for easy business management and placing orders
  • Amway hosts business meetings and educational sessions in destination locations as an incentive for active participation
  • There are incentive trips and cash bonuses for success
  • It costs almost nothing to start an Amway business
  • The business is affordable to maintain
  • Amway operates all over the world, making this an easy business to travel with



  • People with no experience in direct sales often find this business model intimidating
  • For the first several months most people in a MLM company make little to no money
  • Many areas in the country already have someone selling Amway products, and this can lead to conflicts when a new distributor starts on someone else’s ‘turf’
  • Some of the products are overpriced
  • The business model is somewhat outdated compared to some newer MLM companies

Final Verdict

While Amway is definitely not a scam, it is an extremely tough business to get started in, especially for those who have never done direct marketing before. Making money in any network marketing business requires stepping outside the comfort zone to do cold calling and hard selling. The income potential with a company like Amway might be limitless, but in order to achieve limitless potential a distributor has to put in an incredible amount of effort.

Amway is ideal for people with a lot of marketing experience who are willing to put in the time and effort to build the income they want.

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